Today I’ve learned that life is not about YOURSELF.
Every person has their own journey.
Every one has their own battles.
Do not add up to their challenges. Rather, be a blessing to them.
By showing them random act of kindness and love like how Jesus has loved you.

Yes dear, I know you also have pain in your heart.
Maybe you were disappointed by someone or some circumstances in your life.
But that doesn’t mean you cannot encourage someone today.
Your storms in life isn’t an excuse for you to show kindness.

Give your smile freely and see how it brighten someone’s day!

Isaiah 60:1

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.”


Congratulations, Tatay Digong!

CDO Debates


Shout out to the former Mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte for winning the favor of the Filipinos. I never prayed so sincerely for a President like Tatay Digong. He showed his sincerity, wisdom and humbleness throughout his campaign period and until now. He is a  good example for this generation in terms of the life that they live. Children and youths nowadays would think to work hard, achieve more, possess those things and such while they tend to overlook their relationships, take for granted their precious pals and maybe some of them forgot that their parents are also growing old. I admit that I was once like that and until now I am a work in progress. Yet, I find Tatay Digong and his family a good influence not to follow this generation’s qualifications but rather to live humbly and happily. You doesn’t have to have such luxurious cars nor mansions to fulfill your life. With such great family is so enough.

Thank you for sharing your life with us!

May the Lord continue to anoint and bless you throughout your life!

Obedience to Success

“..Saul killed one of the animals, and just as he was placing it on the altar, Samuel arrived. Saul went out to welcome him.
“What have you done?” Samuel asked. Saul answered, “My soldiers were leaving in all directions, and you didn’t come when you were supposed to. The Philistines were gathering at Michmash, and I was worried that they would attack me here at Gilgal. I hadn’t offered a sacrifice to ask for the Lord’s help, so I forced myself to offer a sacrifice on the altar fire.
“That was stupid!” Samuel said. “You didn’t obey the Lord your God. If you had obeyed him, someone from your family would always have been king of Israel.”
1 Samuel 13:9-13 (CEV)-
Saul disobeyed the Lord; he didn’t wait for Samuel to arrive and he even do things without consulting anyone. In this passage, I have reflected that it is also same with us. The main point or reason of our disobedience is us, being impatient. 
Let’s just make it simple, in you relationship with other people. Sometimes, you force yourself to someone and then ending up being hurt. Why?
Because, it is not yet your time to be in a relationship. God won’t allow things to happen if you aren’t yet ready for it. Let’s not think that our timing is always good. Rather, let’s put our trust and hope in the Lord that we’ll get that job soon, we’ll get married soon, we’ll achieve that goals soon, we’ll graduate soon, and these are all according to His will.
God isn’t finish with us yet. Be patient, for great things take time. Focus on what you are doing right now and always give your best shot! Make the most out of it!
Obey God by being patient and faithful in your place and position. 😉

Once, My Heart

Once, my heart had meaningful and deep conversations

My heart loved to discuss and exchange imaginations

My heart was happy and full of expectations

Until the day of the unexpected trepidation


I tried to cheer up my heart once again

But it doesn’t even look at me at one end

I’ve watched all the happy movies that I’ve rent

Yet my heart is still sad lying on the basement


Oh dear heart, how long will you be sad?

These gloomy days, I can no longer stand

I even took you to the place that is full of sand

Yet you are still lonely and cannot hold my hand


What should I do if he can no longer come back?

The only person you’ve exchanged your stories and laugh

He’s gone too far to be with you on the rack

Oh dear heart, with your own two feet, I hope you find your way back on your track



Messed Up?

Meron ka bang moment sa life mo na very hopeless ka na kasi ang dami nang hindi magandang bagay ang  nagawa mo at hindi ka na makausad usad sa buhay kahit gustuhin mo man? Yung tipong natabunan ka na ng problema mo? Tapos hindi mo pa magawang i-share sa kaibigan o leader mo kasi nawalan ka na rin ng tiwala sa paligid mo? Yung tipong nilalamon ka na ng mga hindi kanais nais na bagay at pinagdidikdikan sa’yo ng kaaway na talo ka na at hindi mo na mararanasan ulit yung kaginhawaan sa buhay kaya ipagpapatuloy mo nalang yang pagkakaroon ng matigas na puso at patuloy ka nang magrebelde.

Yung dating magandang smile mo, ngayon puro frown ka na. Yung dating napaka encouraging mo, ngayon puro ka nalang bitterness sa buhay? Yung dating napakalawak ng unawa mo pero ngayon konting mali lang, makasigaw at irap ka naman, wagas. Yung kapag worship time na, sabik na sabik at damang dama mo ang presence ng Lord, pero ngayon natapos na ang 20 minutes na praise and worship, minsan nag oovertime pa ng 2 minutes, pero wala ka paring ka emo emosyon.

Ano nang nangyari sa’yo?

You are deceived by the enemy!

You are blinded by the enemy’s lies and schemes.

You are struggling because your faith was gone.

You cannot deny the fact that you have walked away from God and followed the desires of your flesh.

And you simply disobeyed.

What will you do now?


In the Bible, the word “repent” means “to change one’s mind”. The Bible also tells us that true repentance will result in a change of actions.

Acts 26:20

“…Finally, I went to the Gentiles and said, “Stop sinning and turn to God! Then prove what you have done by the way you live.” “

The full biblical definition of repentance is a change of mind that results in a change of action.

A godly sorrow leads to repentance and repentance leads to revival, restoration and salvation.

But you have a choice. Its either you repent, forgive, let go, move forward, live peacefully and confidently or namnamin mo yung mga kasalanang ginawa mo, mag overthink ka, isipin mong hindi ka worthy, isipin mong wala ka nang patutunguhan, isipin mo na lahat nang mga nakakadiscourage na bagay. Sige lang, baka sakaling matulungan kang maging better at magkaroon ng maginhawa at masayang buhay ng mga negative thoughts at enemy’s lies na ninanamnam mo.



Share your problems. We are not created to be alone. We are made for each other. You can trust people. Choose who you will trust. Choose someone who is older or more mature in faith than you. When you don’t share your problems, you know what may happen? Parang kang isang ilog na sarado at nabubulok na, hindi na dinadaluyan ng blessings kasi andaming nakabarang basura at mga kemikal.

Proverbs 27:17 (CEV)

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.



You know what’s the problem here?


Oo ikaw.

Sarili mo.

Sometimes, your enemy is yourself- especially your mind.

As a believer, you must keep the power of the gospel in your life. But the sad part is, you still have time to keep pushing the negative thoughts in your mind. Is it right? Is it helping? Please, stop torturing yourself.  Yes everyone is sinning. You are not human if you don’t sin.

Romans 3:23 (NIV)

“..for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

But friend, let’s go back on the cross. What is the meaning of the cross for you? Who is Jesus to you? Did you really know why did the Almighty Father sent His Son Jesus Christ here on earth 2,000 years ago?

Romans 6:23(CEV)

“Sin pays off death. But God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord.”

If you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you should know that your sins from the past, present and future are all forgiven. IT IS FINISHED.

Ganun din sana yung pag-iisip at pagcocondemn mo sa sarili mo, sana finish na din yan.

Romans 8:33-34 (CEV)

“If God says his chosen ones are acceptable to him, can anyone bring charges against them? Or can anyone condemn them? No indeed! Christ died and was raised to life, and now he is at God’s right side, speaking to him for us. “

Tama na ha?

Sabi nga sa John 10:10, (CEV)

“ A thief (which is satan the enemy) comes only to rob, kill and destroy (your bright future). I (Jesus Christ) came so that everyone would have life, and have it fully.”

And 2Thessalonians 3:3 (CEV)

“But the Lord can be trusted to make you strong and protect you from harm.”

As I finish this blog post, I want to share one of my favorite verses,

Exodus 14:14 (NIV)

“..the Lord is fighting for you, you only need to be still.”

Sa pagiging still, still ka lang sa faith mo. Don’t make it complicated kasi hindi naman talaga siya complicated. Simple lang naman yun e, just be stronger, wiser and faithful. Trust God! He will make you pass through this storm.

I believe that YOU CAN DO IT!




Though you seem distant,

I will still call on Your Name

Though you have hidden Your Holy Presence from me,

I will still acknowledge You as my Lord and Savior

Your past works in my life, I will always remember

How You brought me out of darkness

and reveal Your everlasting light

Though I cannot see I will still believe in You

Though I cannot understand,

I will still cling on to Your promises

that You will never leave me nor forsake me

My life is secure in You

You’re worthy of my trust

My faith will never be cut off through the end of times

For my hope and trust is in my Solid Rock

I Love You my Almighty God